Welcome back!  It has been a lovely first week and apart from a few teething problems with drop-off on Monday morning everything is running very smoothly in our year group bubbles.


The children have settled in beautifully and are enjoying being back.


We are looking forward to welcoming our new Foundation Stage children next week.  They will be having their short sessions on Monday and Tuesday and will all be in full time by the end of the week.





Thursday 17 December – half day (finishing at 12.00)

Friday 18 December

Monday 4 January

Friday 23 July – half day (finishing at 12.00)


The East Sussex Term dates will be circulated with the newsletter today


Monday 16 November FS Individual School Photos
Tuesday 24 November Y1 Individual School Photos
Wednesday 25 November Y2 Individual School Photos



While everyone is settling in to their new class and with the staggered drop off times between us and Y3 children, we understand that some children may arrive a little later than their designated time.


This Year

Things will be very different in school this year and although we will be running as many of our events as we can, unfortunately parents will be unable to come in to watch and participate.  It is likely that our shows and some of our events will be on our website for parents to see, therefore we ask that if you have not given permission for your child to be on our website, you may wish to reconsider this.  Please let the school office know if you would like to update this on your child’s details.


We will not be running school trips this year, however, we will give children a trip day within school in their year group bubble.  Details of these will be circulated once they are confirmed.


We will be participating in our usual charity events and ask that you support these as always but this year, by donating online.


Dates for the school year will be circulated once all the plans are in place.


Parents’ Evening

We will be holding Parents’ Evenings and are currently devising a safe format for these meetings.  We will inform you as soon as plans are in place.



COVID Procedures

In the event of a child or member of staff having a confirmed case of COVID we will follow this procedure:

  1. Parents will be informed that a child or member of staff has tested positive.
  2. We will close the year group bubble for two weeks from the first day of closure.
  3. Learning will be provided for those two weeks.
  4. A deep clean will take place throughout the school.

May we request that if you or your child develops symptoms that you inform the office and keep your child at home until your test results come back.  If you receive a positive test, please follow Government guidelines.  Stay at Home Guidance


To inform us of the above or any other absence, please use the Absence Line number – 01323 728989 or our text messaging system – 07786 201169 to report your child’s reason for being away from school, by 9.30am.



This week we have been assessing the children’s learning and will continue to do this next week.


From next Friday, we will provide you with information about your child’s reading so that you can continue this at home and we will also provide you with the termly Home Learning grid.


From week 3 we will start our teaching based on these assessments, including identifying children to be part of our catch up support programme.


Learning in Y1 is more formal and the children have their own pencil case to encourage them to be responsible for their belongings.  I am sure your child has already explained all this to you!


Parent Helpers

Unfortunately, we will not be able to welcome parent helpers into school for the foreseeable future.  We are saddened by this as we value the support that we receive from you.  We know this is disappointing for our helpers but are sure that you understand.



A reminder that you can leave a message with a member of the Senior Leadership Team in the morning for your child’s teacher.


Also, a reminder that you can use the text messaging system, 07786 201169 or email the school office – office@motcombe.e-sussex.sch.uk.

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