School Council

At Motcombe School, we are proud to have a School Council.

Our School Council is currently made up of 18 children from Year 1 and Year 2, led by Mrs Robinson.  The team has been voted for by their class to be class representatives.

School Council represent the voice of the children in the school and have two or three meetings each term, allowing pupils to express concerns, views and ideas about how to make changes in their school, as well as organise events.

Last year, they:

  • organised a Macmillan cake sale
  • sold Poppies for rememberance day
  • Organised the ‘daily mile’ walk or run round our school playground
  • Introduced Fairtrade fortnight
  • Organised a mufti day for the East African Famine disaster

They also talked to their classes about how improvements could be made to Sports Day.