Curriculum Overview


For more detailed information regarding individual subject areas please click on the ‘Curriculum’ tab and search the drop down menu.  Alternatively, please contact the school if you have specific questions regarding our curriculum.

At Motcombe we offer a broad and balanced curriculum which promotes and prepares all our children for life in modern Britain by incorporating both our Golden Rules and British Values into the life of the school – this reaches across the taught curriculum (for further information have a look at our British Values statement – Motcombe School British Values.

The curriculum provided at Motcombe is further enhanced by recognising that the development of the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) curriculum can permeate every subject and can be explored across the curriculum.

Our mission statement is simple – ‘Flying High Together’ and we aim to do this by providing a rich and varied curriculum which is designed to suit the varying aptitudes, interests and abilities of all our children.

Children in YR follow the EYFS curriculum (link to EYFS – EYFS handbook 2016).  Children in KS1 (Y1 and Y2 follow the National Curriculum.  For further details of the Primary National Curriculum please refer to the following website

In KS1 the curriculum is taught through a topic themed approach. For these children topics change each term. Children in YR take a theme as a starting point each term, although context for learning may take a different route depending on the children’s interest e.g. light and dark may develop into a topic about space or may be about nocturnal animals etc.  Termly newsletters are sent home giving information regarding the next term’s learning so that children can begin to research the topic if they wish.

The Primary Curriculum indicates what we should be teaching our children and when – it does not stipulate how we teach them. At Motcombe our first question when thinking about the curriculum is ‘how do we make the curriculum suit our children?’ rather than how do we fit the children into the new primary curriculum.

The school curriculum is dynamic and children are actively involved in their learning which is brought alive by a rich and varied range of experiences.  Learning for all the children is enriched by the addition of Educational School Visits and by inviting experts in to school to share their knowledge and expertise.

Each term the school has an Expert Day where families are invited to come into school and take part in some of the activities that the children have been learning and enjoying, led by the children in their role as the ‘Expert’.

In addition the school provides 15 Enrichment Days across the year for children who demonstrate a strong aptitude or interest in a specific area of the curriculum. These children are known as our ‘Leaders of Learning’ and use their experience from these days to enrich the learning for their peers. Evidence of these days is displayed in our ‘Enrichment Corridor’ for all to see. The Enrichment Day is planned and delivered by the individual Subject Leaders.

The Home Learning menu is given to families at the start of term and children can select which activity they want to undertake. Also the weekly newsletter gives additional tasks that reflects a teaching and learning focus for that week (link –

The curriculum is supplemented by our extensive extra-curricular clubs which enhance what the school provides for all children. (link –

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