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At school this week…

This week we have been learning about Chinese New Year.  We have been especially fortunate to have Chinese visitors from our families come in to talk to us about Chinese New Year.

Some classes have also spent time responding to the stories and songs our storyteller taught us last week.  Children have made sculptures of Grandma’s mystery visitor, performed the songs and retold the stories.

Home challenge:

Create a representation of a dragon.  It could be a painting, a drawing, a model made of lego or junk modelling, a sculpture… use your imagination!  It could be a tiny dragon or an enormous one!  Take a photo and put it on Tapestry or bring it in to show us in real life!

church and mosque visits

We will be visiting some local places of worship this term.

On Monday 3rd February Purple Emperor and White Admiral classes will be visiting Victoria Baptist church.

On Tuesday 4th February Peacock and Holly Blue classes will be visiting Victoria Baptist church.

On Wednesday 5th February Purple Emperor and Holly Blue classes will be visiting Eastbourne Mosque.

On Thursday 6th February Peacock and White Admiral classes will be visiting Eastbourne Mosque.

These trips will be really interesting and will support the children in learning about similarities and differences between themselves and others and in finding out more about different cultures and beliefs.

In order to make these trips possible, we will need several parent/carer helpers from each class for each trip.  Please speak to your child’s teacher if you are interested in helping..  We are so grateful for all your help that allows us to offer such rich provision for our children.


We have now learnt all the letters of the alphabet, focusing on the sounds they usually make in words, rather than the letter names.  We are now starting to learn digraphs – two letters together making one sound (for example sh as in ship or ng as in king).

This week we have learnt the digraphs ‘sh’ and ‘ch’ together with their cued articulation actions.

Please see the cued articulation video on Youtube for the actions for each sound.

We have also learnt to read the ‘tricky’ words ‘he’ and ‘she’.

So far, we have learnt to read these tricky words:

I, to, the, no, go, he, she.

Please help us to look out for them in our books when we are reading at home.


Our number of the week this week is the number 11.

We have also done a lot of work on adding and have talked about how whole numbers can be made of parts and using different vocabulary to talk about this.  For example, ‘part is 2, part is 3, the whole is 5. 2 plus 3 equals 5.’

OTHER playing and learning:

We have had another fun and busy week…

… making hats in Purple Emperor class…

… making music in White Admiral class…

… making buildings in Peacock class …

… and designing clothes in Holly Blue class.






































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