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FS newsletter 8 15.11.19

At school this week…

This week, we have been thinking about fireworks. We have made lots of firework artwork.  In PE we pretended to be fireworks, moving our bodies to music in lots of different ways.


In Phonics this week we have learnt that the sound /c/ can be written in different ways. We have learnt the letter ‘c’ and the letter ‘k’ and have also learnt that when we hear the sound /c/ at the end of a word we often write it ‘ck’ – both letters together – two letters making just one sound!

‘c’ (caterpillar): ‘curl around the caterpillar’;

‘k’ (kangaroo): ‘down the kangaroo’s body, back up and over his tail and down his leg’. (nb: we write the k with a loop rather than lines.

These are the letters and sounds we have learnt so far:

s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, e, d, g, c, k, ck

Please help us to look at for these letters when we are reading with you at home!


Our number of the week this week is the number 5.  We have watched a Numberblock episode about the number 5 and have looked at the numicon 5 shape. We have also looked at the numeral that represents the number 5 and learnt to write it, whilst singing a song that helps us remember how to form the numeral correctly.

You might like to watch this week’s Numberblocks video.

Home challenge:

Go for a walk in the dark with a grown up.  What can you see?  What can you hear?  How do you feel?  Take some photos and upload them onto Tapestry so we can share them to start our learning off next week.

Bonfire fun

Next week, Sarah Kelleher from Cherry Wood Kids is coming in for a special outside learning session.  We will be talking about light and dark and toasting marshmallows around the bonfire.  (We have vegetarian marshmallows available as an alternative.)  It will be lots of fun!


Thank you to everyone who decorated a pumpkin for our half term home challenge.

OTHER playing and learning:

We have had another fun and busy week…

… using the ipads to take photos…

…exploring shadows…

… helping our friends…

…and playing schools!


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