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At school this week…

This week we have been reading the Supertato series of books. Thank you for sending potatoes in this week – the children have turned them into Supertatoes! The children have also been making wanted posters to help us find the Evil Pea and put him back in the freezer, as well as making their own traps to catch him!

Home challenge:

Bring in a book for Book Club!

book club

Following the success of World Book Day last week, we are starting a Book Club in each class.  Each child is invited to bring in a book they enjoy each Monday to share with the other children in the class over the course of the week.  At the end of each week we will have our Book Club session, where children will talk about the books they have chosen.  Your child will bring home a bookmark on Friday for them to fill in over the weekend, explaining why they especially like their chosen book.  We have found that Book Club creates a real ‘buzz’ for reading and leads to lots of talk about books between the children.  Look out for the bookmark in your child’s bag each Friday!


We are going to make our own personalised Superhero capes this term.  We are using white t-shirts for this – please send one in. It can be an old t-shirt and it could have a print on the front – as long as it has a plain white back! If you have not yet sent in a white t-shirt, please do so this week.


This week we have learnt a trigraph.  Trigraphs have three letters making one sound, rather than two, like a digraph or one, like a letter.  We have learnt the trigraph air (as in hair).

Please see the cued articulation video on Youtube for the actions for each sound.

We have also learnt to read the ‘tricky’ word ‘her’.

So far, we have learnt to read these digraphs:

sh, ch, th, ng, oo/oo, ee, ai, ow, ur, ar, oa, er, oi and air..

and these tricky words:

I, to, the, no, go, he, she, was, we, me, be, my, you, they and her.

Please help us to look out for them in our books when we are reading at home.


This week’s number of the week is 16!

You might like to watch this week’s Numberblocks episode.

We have also been learning about subtraction.  We have been changing numbers by taking part away from the whole and counting to find out the part that is left.

OTHER playing and learning:

We have had another fun and busy week…

… writing speech bubbles for trapped vegetables in Purple Emperor class…

… being very helpful in White Admiral class…

… making teen number paper chains in Peacock class …

… and catching and counting spiders in Holly Blue class.
















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