016 – Motcombe Newsletter 2018-2019

015 – Motcombe Newsletter 2018- 2019

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013 – Motcombe Newsletter 2018 – 2019

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CURRENT NEWSLETTER (This can be translated into your home language using the button at the bottom of this page

Newsletter No 016 – Friday 18 January 2019

Another week has flown by!

I wanted to pass on that a member of staff in the kitchen who was covering staff absence this week, commented on how polite and well-mannered the children are at Motcombe School.  I felt very proud but not surprised because good manners are such an important part of our school ethos.


Wednesday 23 January Friends Meeting – 7.30pm – Butterfly Rooms
Friday 15 February Y1 & Y2 Expert Days – 9.15am
FS Chinese New Year Parade – 2.30pm

Good Manners Cup

This week Buster the Good Manners Dog went to Purple Emperor, the Good Manners Shield went to Tortoiseshell and the Good Manners Cup went to Monarch.

Well done to those classes!


Our current attendance figure is 96.42%.

Congratulations to Monarch class who has the highest attendance this week at 98.89%.

New Phonics Group!

We are setting up a new initiative in the Foundation Stage, supporting children with phonics at the very start of the day.  This initiative will involve parent helpers – as many as possible!!  We need a group of parents to help us get this started.  Therefore, Emma Moore will be holding a brief meeting for interested parents at 2.50pm next Tuesday 22 January in the Computing Suite.  Please come along – this initiative has had a great impact in other schools and would be fantastic to put into place at Motcombe.  Looking forward to seeing you!

Y1 & Y2 Choir Club –

Choir Club starts next Thursday.  Please return your reply slip as soon as possible if you would like to reserve a place for your child.  The letter with the slip has been emailed to you this week and copies are available from the office.

Absence Line

A reminder that there is an absence line to use if your child is unwell – 01323 728989.  Please leave their full name and class and a brief message with details of why they are not in school.

German Measles (Rubella)

Just to make you aware that we have had two cases of German Measles reported today.    Please follow this link for more information on symptoms and advice.

History Enrichment

On Monday some KS1 children will be taking part in the History Enrichment Day, however it would be great for everyone to get involved. At the end of the day on Monday (weather permitting) we would like to invite you to add to our whole school timeline from the 1930s onwards with any dates that are important or significant to you. Labels will be available to write on, but if you would like to prepare one to bring in that would be wonderful. Thank you.

Dietary & Medical

It is vitally important that you inform us of your child’s dietary and medical needs.  We collect this information when your child starts school but ocassionally the information does change and we are not always informed.  Please let the office know in writing of these changes so that we can update our records.

Data Collection

In the next few weeks we will be launching our new Sims Parent App Lite.  This will be an App which can be downloaded onto your phone and enables you to update your child’s information as required.  We will send you regular reminders to check the details on record but you can update these whenever necessary.  We will inform you when this system is going live.

This will replace the distribution of the Data Collection sheets.

Unusual Request!

We have recently lost the outdoor reading area rain cover.  Despite looking everywhere and asking staff and our closest neighbours we have failed to ascertain its whereabouts.  Should you see this on your travels (it’s quite big!) we would greatly appreciate its safe return.  Thank you.


We have been running a poll on our Facebook page ( about our next promotion for our holiday club! In line with this we are offering an early bird discount of £5 if you book your sessions at Fireflies holiday club at least three weeks before February half term.  We are open from Monday 18 – Friday 22 from 8.00am-6.00pm daily at a cost of £30 per day. That’s ten hours of childcare plus breakfast and supper!

Email or telephone 07392 848736 for more information or to book a place for your child.

Friends of Motcombe

Friends meeting – Our next meeting is being held on Wednesday 23 January at 7.30pm in the Butterfly Rooms.  All parents and carers are welcome to join us.  We will be discussing and planning the school disco for Y1 and 2 and any input will be gladly received.  If you cannot make the meeting but would like to be involved in the organising, please contact us on the email below.

Volunteering – We are in the second half of the school year already!!  A lot of the current Friends are going to be saying goodbye at the end of this year as their children move up to junior school. This will leave the Friends very short of volunteers.  If you are interested in being more involved with the school community, please let us know using our email below – it would be lovely to see some new faces before we go on to pastures new.

We have a Whatsapp group that anyone is welcome to be a part of.  This is a great way to contribute ideas or just keep up with the events that are coming up.  Please forward your name and phone number to the Friends email address below if you’d like to be added to the group.

Emma and Louise
Co-chairs of Motcombe Friends

Foundation Stage

This week we have been very busy planning and preparing for our class toys’ birthday parties!  Each class has a class toy who is celebrating their birthday next Friday, 25 January.  We are planning very special parties for our toys.  Holly Blue class is celebrating Holly Blue the butterfly’s birthday, Peacock class is celebrating Reasoning Rabbit’s birthday, White Admiral class is celebrating Super Ted’s birthday and Purple Emperor class is celebrating Mouseling’s birthday.  Each class has slightly different plans as we have been following the children’s suggestions, and plans are still developing, so please look out for possible texts, notes or ‘shout outs’ for your child’s class with possible further details.

We have now learnt all the letters of the alphabet, focusing on the sounds they usually make in words, rather than the letter names.  We are now starting to learn digraphs – two letters together making one sound (for example ‘sh’ as in ‘ship’ or ‘fish’ or ‘ng’ as in ‘king’).

This week we have learnt the digraphs ‘sh’ and ‘ch’ together with their cued articulation actions.

Please see the cued articulation video on You Tube for the actions for each letter.

We have also learnt to read the tricky words ‘he’ and ‘she’.

So far we have learnt to read these ‘tricky’ words:  I, to, the, no, go, he, she.

Please help us to look out for them in our books when we are reading at home!  Thank you!

In Maths this week we have been learning about the number eleven as well as focussing on addition.  We have also been practising counting in tens.

Home challenge  

Next week we will be thinking about how different people celebrate similarly and differently.  Different families may have different traditions and this is great! Do you have any photos of birthday celebrations you have enjoyed that you could put onto Tapestry to share with us?  What special things did you do to celebrate the birthday?

Y1 News

In English and Topic, we have been learning all about different places in London and reading the book ‘Katie in London.’  Today we wrote riddles about places in London.

In Maths we have been working on subtraction with numbers to 20.

In Science we are learning about the seasons and making booklets about the changes that happen around us.

Y2 News

In English this week we have carried on using our ‘Flanimals’ to write fantastic sentences using similes and subordination. The children then looked at the ‘Flanimals’ from the book and created their own repetitive poems applying what they had learnt about similes.

In Maths this week we focused on using the multiplication symbol and particularly looked at using arrays as well as our 10 times, 2 times and 5 times table.

In Science we discussed and wrote about why certain animals are best suited to particular habitats. The children enjoyed their visit from Jaws and Claws.  Phil brought in lots of ‘monsters’ (animals) for the children to look at, touch and ask questions about. We learnt lots of amazing things about each one and were very brave!

In Topic this week we have explored physical and human geographical features and used our knowledge of coordinates to create our own magnificent monster islands.