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Newsletter No 030 – Friday 17 March 2019

I hope Y1 parents enjoyed ‘There’s a Sunflower in my Supper’ this week.  Well done to the Y1 team and children for putting on such a fabulous show!

Alex Chaundy will be leaving us next week after covering Peacock Class while Jess Newby has been on Maternity Leave.  Please join me in thanking Alex – I am sure she will be back again!

Monday 20 May Class Photographs
Tuesday 21 May Walk to School ‘Shoesday’
Friday 24 May Foundation Stage and Y2 Expert Day – 9.15am

End of Term

Monday 3 June Term 6 Begins

Good Manners Cup

This week the Good Manners Shield went to Apollo and the Good Manners Cup went to Saturn.

Well done to those classes!


Our current attendance figure is 96.25%.

Congratulations to White Admiral class which has the highest attendance this week at 99.36%.

Y2 Swimming

Y2 will be starting their swimming lessons on the first week back after half term from Thursday 6 June – Thursday 27 June.  We will need some parent helpers to get the children to and from Ocklynge.  If you are able to help please let the school office know as soon as possible.  A letter with further details will be distributed next week.

Y2 – Concert at Ratton

Y2 are going to see ‘Peter and the Timber Wolf’ at Ratton on Thursday 27 June. If your child attends an After School Club on that day, please let the school office know as they will be taken back to Motcombe by minibus.  All other children must be collected by their parents/carers from Ratton School at 2.30pm.

Y3 Transition

After half term the Y2 team will be having discussions with the Y3 team at your child’s next school.  This will be to talk through your child’s needs to ensure they receive the most appropriate provision at their new school.  If you have any objections to this, please inform the school office as soon as possible.  Thank you.


If you do not wish your child to wear a school sunhat, please ensure you send them in with one now that the weather is getting warmer.  Please ensure that your child’s name is in their hat.

Walk to School ‘Shoesday’

Our school is participating in HAPPY SHOESDAY on Tuesday 21 May to raise funds for road safety.

How it works

Pupils wear their happy shoes, walk to school and bring in a suggested £1.00 to donate to Living Streets.

Your happy shoes could be anything from trainers or wellies to slippers or boots – or get creative and change the laces, add beads, wings or stickers. You can also download a shoe cape template to turn your shoes in to shoe-per-heroes at: www.livingstreets.org/happyshoesday

Where the money goes

Your donations will go towards Living Streets, the UK charity for everyday walking – working to make streets safer for all since 1929.

Read more about Living Streets’ work and where your money goes by visiting: www.livingstreets.org/happyshoesday

Children’s Air Ambulance

The recycling bin is being delivered next Friday so please bring your unwanted clothes to go in it in support of the Children’s Air Ambulance.


Tracy Robinson, Headteacher

Friends of Motcombe

Motsy Bear – If you would like to order a Motsy Bear for your child, orders must be in by Friday 14 June.  Please collect an order form from the office if you don’t have one.

Butterfly Mosaics – a form for the Leavers Butterfly Mosaic is being circulated with the newsletter today for your child to design their butterfly.  Please note on the form if you are able to help at any of the workshops.  Thank you.

Emma and Louise
Co-chairs of Motcombe Friends

FS News
This week we have been reading the book ‘Bog Baby’ by Jeanne Willis. We read the first part of the book without looking at the pictures so we had to imagine what the Bog Baby looked like, using the description in the story. Then we used playdough, feathers, pipe cleaners, buttons and all sorts of other bits and pieces to make our own Bog Babies. The children listened so carefully to the story and did a super job in creating their Bog Babies.

Our caterpillars are now all chrysalides! We are hoping that they will emerge as butterflies before the end of term. White Admiral class has also got four froglets! It has been so exciting watching the caterpillars and tadpoles grow and change this term.

In Letters and Sounds this week we have learnt to read the tricky word, ‘there’.

We have now learnt to read all these digraphs and trigraphs:

sh, ch, th/th, ng, oo/oo, igh, oa, ar, ow, or, ur, er, oi, air, ear, ure.

and these ‘tricky’ words: I, to, the, no, go, he, she, was, my, you, they, her, are, all, said, so and there Please help us to look out for them in our books when we are reading at home! Thank you!

In Maths this week we have learnt about 3d, solid shapes. We have learnt the names of the following shapes: cube, cuboid, cone, cylinder and triangular prism. We have talked about how 3d shapes have faces and that these faces might be curved or they may be flat, 2d shapes.

Home challenge:  Go on a 3d shape hunt at home. What 3d shapes can you find in real life? Look out for cylinders (tins etc), cubes and cuboids (boxes etc), triangular prisms (Toblerone boxes!) cones (party hats?) and spheres (balls etc). Take photos of what you find and put them on Tapestry for us all to have a look at next week.

Y1 News

We hope you enjoyed our show this week!  The children worked so hard to produce their amazing performances.  Thank you so much for supporting your child with learning their songs and lines at home.  We clearly have a few Oscar winners in our midst!

In English this week we have been focusing on traditional tales.  We have looked at a variety of stories and have discussed how they vary slightly as they have evolved over the years.  We have been drawing story maps and filling in speech bubbles to show how the characters are feeling.

In Maths we have been measuring capacity.  We have had lots of fun outside with the water estimating how many small cups will fill a big cup.  We then ordered the cups from smallest to largest.

We have been continuing growing our beans in class and filling in our bean diaries.  We were very excited this week to see that our beans had been growing roots and shoots.  We predict that next week they will have grown leaves.

Y2 News

In English we have been exploring poetry about superheroes and trying to create our own repetitive poems. The children came up with some lovely ideas of what they would do if they were a superhero and will be finishing these off next week.

In Maths this week we have been practising telling the time to fifteen minutes and which side of the clock means past the hour and which side means to the hour. They have tried very hard.

In Topic we have been creating our own superhero masks and capes. The children have really enjoyed using different recycled materials to create their designs and have taken really good care in their work.

We have also been discussing different rules and why we have them. The children then found out about The Ten Commandments and the story of Moses.

Please could your child bring in a bag to take work home next week as it is the end of term. Thank you.