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002 – Motcombe Newsletter – 2019-2020

001 – Motcombe Newsletter – 2019-2020


Newsletter No 002 – Friday 20 September 2019

It has been lovely seeing our new Foundation Stage children settling in to their classes this week.

A big thank you to the Friends for providing refreshments at the Tea & Tissues sessions for our new Foundation Stage parents while the children were at their short sessions.

Thank you to Y1 and Y2 parents/carers who were able to come along and join us in the playground yesterday for our Singing for Peace Day celebration.

Wednesday 25 September Y1 Trip
Friday 27 September Y2 Trip
Tuesday 1 October Macmillan Coffee Morning (school community only)


Whole school attendance this week is 97.59%.  Our target for the year is 97% so we are doing excellently!

Congratulations to Peacock class which has 100% attendance this week!  Which class will be next to have a week of 100% attendance?

School starts at 8.50am.  Please remember the importance of bringing your child to school on time every morning so that they don’t miss their early morning learning.

Please ensure that you collect your child promptly at 3.00pm if they are not attending an after school club.  Your child will be taken to Fireflies if they are not collected on time at the end of the day and you will be charged £11 for the session.  Although the school day ends for children at 3.00pm, staff continue to work and cannot provide childcare for children who are not collected on time.

Pick up

Please ensure that you write on the board in the morning if someone else is collecting your child.  We will not release your child to a different adult if we have not been informed.  If there is someone who will regularly collect your child, you can put this in writing to the class teacher so that they will let your child go with them.

If a change happens with pick up during the day, please ensure you telephone the office before 2.30pm to enable them office to pass the message on.  We do understand that sometimes late changes are unavoidable.

Parent Pay

Foundation Stage parents will have received a letter this week to set up your account.  Although you may not need to use it straight away, please register your account and make a note of the login details so that you can easily access it in the future.

Reading Records

We will no longer be using the reading records for recording children’s reading at home.  Please continue to use these for support with phonics and spelling.

Parent Questionnaire

Thank you to parents who completed the Parent Questionnaire which was distributed in July.  One of the outcomes of the questionnaire was that parents did not know how to contact the Governing Body.  This has come up previously in the questionnaire and following this we added it to the end of the newsletter every week.  Please see details below.

Aldi Vouchers

We are collecting Aldi vouchers so please bring them to the office if you have any.  Thank you.

After School Clubs

There are spaces available in:-

Spanish Club – Thursdays, 3.00 – 4.00pm

Maite Parra / Mobile: 07577 277253 / Email: maitetxuparra@hotmail.com

SAMA Karate – Wednesdays, 3.15-4.00pm

Angie Baker

Tel: 01273 580577

Email: info@samamartialarts.co.uk

There is a full list of our After School Clubs on the school website.

Message from Chartwells

We have been advised by our supplier that they are currently having a production issue with the dairy and lactose free margarine that we use in a lot of our recipes.  This margarine has been substituted however we have been made aware that the new margarine has a may contain lactose warning.  For safety reasons at Chartwells we have a policy that we must treat any “may contain” warning as “contains”. 

This means that, for the time being, any special diet child who requires a dairy/milk free element to their menu will suffer some disruptions to their menu.  Any meals containing this margarine will be substituted for an allergy suitable meal.  We would therefore ask the parents if they could please be patient and bear with us whilst we are trying to sort out the issue as a matter of urgency.

We are also aware that there are a number of parents who choose to self-manage their child’s dairy intolerance.  We would therefore ask if you could cascade this email to all of your parents so that those parents are also aware of the current issue regarding the margarine.

I can confirm that the margarine states that it is vegan suitable so all the menus for the Vegan children will not be affected.

Tracy Robinson, Headteacher

Friends of Motcombe

We had a very productive Friends meeting on Wednesday and are looking forward to a fun year ahead to raise much needed funds to enhance school life.

Firstly, we wanted to say many thanks to Louise and Emma our former Co-Chairs, and Sandra, our former Treasurer, and last year’s Friends Committee, for all their hard work to help raise more than £9,000. This included helping to fund the new library and fill it with new books, musical instruments and forest school days for every pupil, among many other things.

We are Kara and Sue, and are the new co-chairs of the Friends, but by no means are we doing this on our own!

We’ve got a great group of mums – dads where are you?! – who have volunteered to be on our Friends Chair Committee, and between us will be organising events throughout the year.

We are a friendly bunch and would love to hear from you if you’ve got some time to commit to help us with organising events or have any fund raising ideas.

There’s also the Friends of Motcombe WhatsApp group for anyone who’d like to come along to help at any of our events, for example, to sell tickets, make tea, or sell food, either on a one off basis or more regularly. We always need hands on deck to help, so please do contact us so we can add you to this group and keep you updated.

Welcome to our new Reception parents! For those who have already registered details, we shall be adding you to our WhatsApp group over the weekend, and would love to hear from anyone who hasn’t yet signed up.

There are loads of ways you can support the Friends. If you work at a bank, or know someone who does, please let us know so we can benefit from their match funding schemes. If you run a local business and would be interested in sponsoring an event, or have specialist skills or experience to offer we would love to hear from you too.

We can only make these events happen with your help and support. We are all doing this in our free time, so the more hands on deck, the easier it will be, and the more money we can raise to enhance our children’s school experience.

Many thanks

Kara and Sue

Co-Chairs of Motcombe Friends