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13 March 2020

We had a great time at Paradise Park on Wednesday! Luckily the weather was good and we could do all of our activities. We rode on the miniature railway, walked round the planet earth museum, explored the gardens and played in the play area. A special thank you to all the parent helpers who made the day a success.

In Writing this week we have learnt the prefix un- that means the opposite of a verb (pack and unpack) or not (not happy = unhappy). We have also learnt the correct spelling for the common exception words some and come.

In Maths we have recapped some things we previously found tricky including our number bonds to 20 (5 + 15) and subtraction that goes across 10 (13-4=9).

In Reading we have continued to read The Dinosaur’s Diary. We answered questions about what we have read both as a class and independently.

In Phonics we have continued to look at alternative sounds. We learnt that the letter i that makes the igh sound in words like find and kind and also the letter o that can make the oa sound in words like go and no.

In Science we have begun to classify animals as herbivores, carnivores and omnivores beginning with dinosaurs.


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