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YEAR 1 NEWS – 24 January 2020


This week in Writing we have been learning to put a series of sentences together and we have used our sentence frames to help. We have been talking about where people have been, what they ate, what they saw and what they did, in separate sentences.

For example, “Mr Atherton went to Barcelona. He ate some tapas. He drank lots of smoothies. He swam in the sea.”

We also began to talk about nouns, the children know these as a person, place or thing.

In Reading we have been learning a poem about the Great Fire of London, discussing rhyming language. The children have had a go at performing these poems within a small group and adding actions.

In Maths we have moved on to place value with numbers up to 50. We have looked at how many tens and how many more make up a number and the children have shown numbers with many different representations.

In Phonics we finished off the split digraphs, looking at the split u-e that makes the ‘yoo’ in words like use and cube and the ‘oo’ in words like flute. We have also looked at the ph digraph that makes the ‘f’ sound and the wh digraph that makes the ‘w’ sound.

In Topic this week we have been looking at the Great Fire of London and sequencing the events. In Science we have been looking at more animal groups, this time looking in depth at birds and reptiles.




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