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15 November 2019

This week in Writing we have been learning how to use finger spaces in our writing and we have used some counters to help with this. We have also begun to look at verbs, discussing what they are. We watched a fun video with a song explaining verbs that went like this:

A verb is a word, it’s an action word.

If you can do it, then you do it.

If you do it, it’s a verb.

We are going to use this sign to help us use verbs in the future.

In Maths we started off by looking at how we can solve addition problems where there is a missing part. This helped as we started learning about subtraction, working out how many are left. The children came up with their own ‘stories’ for subtraction before linking that to a subtraction sentence.

In Phonics we have continued our phase 4 sounds, the adjacent consonants (Consonants holding hands). They have looked at the r friends (pr, cr, tr, dr), l

friends (bl, fl, cl, sl, gl, pl) and the s friends (sl, sp, st, sm, sc, sk, sn). We have also learnt the ‘boom’ game that the children enjoyed playing.

In Reading this week have been reading 1,2,3 Splosh and ‘I wish I had a pet’, we discussed rhyming language and thought of some rhymes of our own.

In Topic this week we discussed what Geography is and talked more about the different seasons and how the weather and days change over them.

In Science we have continued looking at different materials and we have discussed their properties.


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