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15 November 2019

In English we have been revising our punctuation skills. This has included knowing when to use a question mark instead of a full stop. We did this by writing some questions for a friend to answer and editing some sentences that were unfinished. We also had to concentrate on when to use a capital letter. We know each sentence has to start with one but we also need them for names and places too.

In Maths we have been continuing with addition and subtraction. This week we have continued to subtract two 2-digit numbers and are much more confident with this now. We have also been solving addition number sentences with three numbers. We have learned to look for number bonds and doubles to help us do this.

In Science we have been looking at habitats. This includes the different types of habitats and the animals that live in them. We have been researching why animals are better suited to some habitats rather than others due to food, warmth and shelter.

In Computing, we have been learning how to keep safe when using technology. This is really important and so will be the focus for this term. This includes knowing what to do when we don’t feel safe or see something they don’t like when using technology. We have included an introduction into cyber-bullying as we know that if younger children are aware of what to do, the more likely they are to address the issue if it happens to them or someone they know.

Y2 has started to get ready for their Nativity themed Expert Day at the end of term by learning some songs to showcase to you. We are putting actions to the words to help us remember them all and to make it look even more spectacular.



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