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Y2 News – 24 January 2020

In English we have been learning about using suffixes. The two we have been using have been –ful and –less. These are added to the end of words to give them more meaning. We began by understanding that the –ful suffix means someone or something has lots of something. For example, colourful means lots of colour. Then we learned that the –less suffix means without something. For example, the brave knight was fearless in a fight against a dragon. Finally, we used these words to write a description about monsters.

In Maths we have been learning about fractions, with a focus on half this week. We began by making equal parts before recognising a half as one of two equal parts. After this we found half of numbers and will continue to build on this skill next week when we look at quarters and thirds.

In Science we have been recapping what we know about the lifecycle of frogs and butterflies. After this we researched different animals to find out about their lifecycle. Ask us about the animal we chose so we can explain about its lifecycle.

In Computing, we have continued a ‘monster’ project. We have been exploring how to insert the monster picture we created into a word document. There were quite a few steps to follow in order to do this and so we will keep developing this skill next week.

In Topic we have had a Design and Technology focus. We began by learning how to measure, mark and cut strips of paper before transferring these skills on to foam. After this we used the foam to begin making a monster hand puppet and sewing two pieces of foam together. Next week we will continue our puppets by attaching faces and limbs to make our monsters come alive!

A reminder that on Monday 27 January we have an exciting visitor coming into school. Phil will be bringing in some of his many beasts for the children to look at and even handle (if they are brave enough). You can look at his website https://www.jawsnclaws.co.uk/ to find out more about the beasts he may bring. We understand that some children may have a phobia about some of the animals he might bring so please could you let your teacher know so they can be mindful of this during the session. The animals will be in a separate part of the school that the children will visit rather than having the animals brought to each class and through the school.

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