The following activities are here in a supportive capacity and are in no way compulsory.


Activity 1

Play a game where your child has to keep looking at your face whilst you pull funny faces that will make them laugh…..but they are not to laugh…..when they do…swap.


Activity 2

Go on a walk together and play I spy. This will encourage observation skills and appreciation of nature. You could use the traditional game of I am thinking of something beginning with the letter a…. or you could use colours or shapes.


Activity 3

Reflecting on the week.

Encourage your child to share their experiences of being back or starting school. You could use the feelings pictures (link here) and ask your child to firstly identify and name the different feelings and then pick a couple that they could share an experience of from the week. For example I felt happy when I saw my friend. I felt nervous walking back into the classroom. Alternatively, you could explore the following questions together:

  • What were you thankful for this week?
  • Was there a time you felt sad this week?
  • What are you looking forward to next week?


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