In History children develop a sense of time and other skills and values, which will be important for their future lives. They will develop an awareness of the past and its relationship to here, now and the future.

We recognise History as a valuable subject and make every effort to make it real and relevant for the children. Each topic offers a rich variety of opportunities for educational visits, expert visitors to the school, role play and costume days to help the children’s learning really come to life. By working through a topic based approach we can change emphasis depending on the individual class. Topics may range from the Castles and Dragons, Kings and Queens, the Titanic and the Great Fire of London.

The History curriculum at Motcombe has taken many of the content and principles of ‘Mastery’ in mathematics.  We have developed a curriculum which ensures children spend longer being taught the common features and skills in order to have a more coherent History curriculum and therefore be able to develop mastery in the subject.


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