cosy * inspiring * beautiful

Our physical environment at Motcombe is very special.  We are inspired by the Danish concept of ‘hygge’ which embraces cosiness, comfort, and joy.  We believe that a hygge-inspired environment supports children’s emotional wellbeing and mental health and puts them in a position to be able to learn well.

We endeavour to create a home-from-home environment where children feel safe, comfortable and relaxed.  We aim for our environment to be calming and interesting, rather than a sensory overload.  We know that for many children, bright lights and lots of different bright colours can be overwhelming and cause stress, preventing them from being in a good emotional place to learn.  At Motcombe, you will see soft and neutral colours, warm and cosy blankets and gentle lighting from fairy lights, lamps and battery-powered candles.

We also ensure that the classrooms have as much natural light as possible, with clear windows, as we know that sunlight is beneficial for mental health and emotional wellbeing.  Our classrooms are tidy and free from clutter.  This supports a feeling of calm and order, again supporting mental health and emotional wellbeing.  A connection with nature is also important for mental health and emotional wellbeing, so you will see lots of plants around the school, both real and artificial, in order to bring nature inside.

Another important element of our physical environment is curiosity.  As you walk around our school you will see lots of intriguing collections of objects.  We want to spark children’s curiosity and interest as this creates a mindset that is open and excited to learn.  We aim for our displays to be unique and beautiful, reflecting the uniqueness and beauty of every child in the school.

We are a warm and nurturing school that allows children to thrive academically and personally and this is reflected in and fostered by our carefully curated physical environment.