The Physical Education programme aims to encourage the physical well-being of all children through a carefully structured framework which includes gymnastics, games skills and dance. The school follows the Foundation Stage and KS1 Get Set 4 PE scheme.  The children are given opportunities to acquire physical skills through individual and group work using a variety of large and small apparatus. We recognise the important role that PE has in supporting the development of the ‘whole child’.

PE and Sports Grant

Children develop their confidence to extend their agility, balance and co-ordination through gymnastics, games skills and dance. Children are taught to improve their running, jumping, throwing and catching skills in a variety of games and activities. They take part in team games where they begin to develop simple tactics for attacking and defending and perform dances using simple movement patterns. We recognise the important role that PE has in supporting the development of the “whole child” and promote competitive and fair play.

At Motcombe School, we offer a wide range of after school clubs including Albion in the Community Football, Cherry Wood Adventures, (Nature Club), Set2Win Tennis Club, Sama Karate and Tom’s Rhino Rugby. Our clubs are run by independent providers.

We plan and deliver a variety of activities during playtimes, such as skipping, football, riding bikes, parachute games and encourage the use of large scale loose parts play. We also have a wooden logged area and a new tyre park for the children to explore. We believe it is important for all children to have access to fun, physical team and individual games.

The government provides additional funding to support PE and sport in schools. Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but schools have been given the freedom to choose how they do this.

A list of the possible uses has been suggested and this is what Motcombe School has decided to use the money for:

  • to have links with Ratton Secondary School to provide various sporting opportunities for all children including trampolining and tennis
  • to support and engage less active children in physical activities
  • to pay for professional development opportunities for teachers in PE, sport and dance
  • to increase pupils’ participation in the sports and physical activities
  • to improve resources to support the development of the subject


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