We provide all the children with a rich musical experience through performing, composing, listening and appraising music in class and as a year group  in KS1. The children develop musical skills of pitch, rhythm, dynamics, and timbre in lessons. Also they express ideas and feelings through the language of music in cross curricular work, particularly literacy.

All classes have opportunities to sing in public and each year group presents a performance to parents and carers, combining dance, music and drama to celebrate topic work. Also we have workshops from visiting performers to widen the children’s skills and experiences of music from all cultures.

In Key Stage 1 children have the opportunity to receive violin lessons from a member of the East Sussex Peripatetic Music Service.

The Music curriculum at Motcombe has taken many of the content and principles of ‘Mastery’ in mathematics. We have developed a curriculum which ensures children spend longer being taught the common features and skills in order to have a more coherent Music curriculum and therefore be able to develop mastery in the subject.

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