Geography aims to help children make sense of their surroundings, to understand and respect the natural environment and planet earth in order to develop a sense of place and relative location.

We recognise geography as a vital subject and make every effort to make it real and relevant for the children. ​Wherever possible our learning involves the children using the local environment. Places of interest and the school grounds are rich resources that are used to make learning experiences more meaningful.  In addition, geographical skills and knowledge are developed through a progressive topic based approach that also looks beyond the UK.

At Motcombe School we base our Geography teaching on the the PlanBee scheme.

The Geography curriculum at Motcombe has taken many of the content and principles of ‘Mastery’ in mathematics.  We have developed a curriculum which ensures children spend longer being taught the common features and skills in order to have a more coherent Geography curriculum and therefore be able to develop mastery in the subject.


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