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You may find this video helpful in preparing your child for starting school!

How to Help Build Excitement for School


Information for all new pupils:


East Sussex School Health Services Chartwells Nut Safety Statement

The School Day

The start of the day

Welcome to Motcombe!

The school gates open at 8.50am and close at 9.00am when the register is taken.  Please follow the green path on the right-hand side of the school building and find your child’s classroom.  The gate will have your child’s class name on.  Please wait on the path until the teacher opens the gate in the morning.

A member of our Senior Leadership Team is on the patio every morning to take messages from you if necessary, for example, if someone other than you is collecting your child at the end of the day or your child is going to an After School Club.



If you do not leave this message in the morning, please phone the school office to let them know and they will pass the information to your child’s teacher.  If we have not been informed that your child is going home with someone else, we will not let them go with them until we have heard from you that this is your intention.  We will phone you to ask you to confirm that you want your child to go home with this person.  This ensures that we do not let any children go home with anyone they shouldn’t be.  Keeping the children safe is our top priority.


The end of the day

Please wait on the green path outside your child’s classroom to pick up your child at the end of the day.  The school day ends at 3.00pm.  Please contact us to let us know if you will be late.  If your child has not been picked up from school by 3.15pm, they will be taken to Fireflies after-school club and there will be a charge for the session.



If your child cannot attend school (for whatever reason) please telephone the school by 9.30am every day of absence. The number to call is 01323 728989.

When your child has had 3 separate periods of absence, we will notify you that we will require medical evidence for any further periods of absence due to illness.  Medical evidence may be in the form of a medical appointment letter from the hospital, a doctor’s appointment card signed by the doctor’s receptionist or a photocopy or photograph of prescribed medication.

We expect any family holidays to be taken during school holiday times, not during term time.  Absence from school has an impact on both the academic and social aspects of children’s learning.   If an absence is required due to exceptional circumstances, please fill in a withdrawal from learning form which you may collect from the school office, preferably 14 days before the period of absence.


Food & Drink


Please make sure your child brings in a water bottle each day.  Water bottles must only be filled with water, rather than any other kind of drink.


Children may choose to have milk with their lunch each day.


We provide a healthy snack of fruit or vegetables each day.


Children each day have a choice of bringing a packed lunch or having a school lunch.  Daily school lunch options: the main meal, the vegetarian option, a jacket potato or a pasta pot.  Children may choose beans, cheese or tuna on their jacket potato.  The children are asked what they would like for their lunch when they come in to school.  School lunches are free for all children in Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 2.

If your child requires a special menu due to medical issues, you must contact Chartwells to organise this.

Tel – 01435 862848
Email –  specialdiets@compass-group.co.uk


At Motcombe we record the children’s Learning Journeys using Tapestry.  This is a web-based tool and enables you to see your child’s learning as it happens. It also allows you to upload photos and posts of your own about your child’s learning and experiences.  Each week there will be a home challenge that you may complete with your child at home and upload to Tapestry.  Your contributions to Tapestry are so valuable and make a great contribution to your child’s learning and experience of school.  Your child’s teacher will give you more information about Tapestry and how to use it.


Information is communicated via text messages and emails.  We also have a FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages where you can keep up with what’s going on in school!