“To build an inclusive learning community that values each individual and promotes confidence and a love of learning through creativity, challenge and high expectations leading to enjoyment and success for all!”


  • To enhance the child’s self-image
  • To maximise the child’s learning potential
  • To place emphasis on the all-round development of children
  • To provide a happy and secure environment for the children
  • To provide a broad and balanced range of experiences
  • To encompass the outdoor curriculum
  • To encourage in children – confidence, independence and a desire to continue learning
  • To develop appropriate attitudes, skills, understanding and knowledge
  • To value individual contributions and celebrate personal success
  • To work with the local community in order to enhance learning opportunities for all its members


Every child is unique and individuality is encouraged. The way in which children learn is reflected in our curriculum framework and planned, language rich environment. An holistic approach to learning is taken through the development of body, mind and spirit. Motcombe School recognises that the infant years cover an important period of change and development in children’s thinking and in their ability to make sense of the world. Therefore, we acknowledge that learning is most effective when it is relevant and experiential, in a supportive, challenging and familiar context.


Motcombe School is a community where individuality for all is nurtured and valued; diversity is celebrated and all members feel able to meet their full potential, through the joy of life-long learning.

Children at Motcombe have the right to the highest quality of teaching, which embraces all learning styles and needs and is committed to raising academic standards and emotional growth.

At Motcombe we acknowledge that we live in an ever-changing world and are committed to preparing and empowering children to communicate well and fulfill their responsibilities as British and global citizens, whilst developing the ability to use all available technologies, in a safe and secure environment.

At Motcombe we promote respect for self and others, fostering qualities of initiative, creativity, growing independence and self-confidence, co-operation and self-motivation through the delivery of a relevant and challenging curriculum that acknowledges the need for health in both mind and body.

At Motcombe we are committed to supporting staff in their personal and professional development to enable them to fulfill their ambitions and potential.