All children in KS1 follow the National Curriculum for Mathematics aiming to promote the development of a positive and confident attitude to the subject.

Our mathematics programme incorporates a range of resources including visual and tactile apparatus e.g. Numicon. Mathematics is taught in such a way that children can use their knowledge in other subject areas. We aim to provide a good understanding of number, shape and space, measure, algebra and data handling. In addition children are taught problem solving and reasoning strategies that are applied within a range of real life contexts and where possible clearly linked to the topic theme of the term. Children need to be able to recall number facts at speed, e.g. number bonds to 10 and times tables and to support this we use Maths Mastery as a regular way for the children to practise these skills independently as well as daily mental maths sessions.

The school supports maths learning at home with the introduction this year of the ‘We Love Maths! Home Activity Pack’ that provides a range of tasks to be completed using inexpensive resources.

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