School Connections

Motcombe School has close liaison links with Pashley Down Infant School, The South Downs Community Special School, Ocklynge Junior School to which most of our children transfer, the Cavendish School and Ratton School. The school is also working within a network of seven schools, all of which are developing excellence in maths, writing and coaching. Children are prepared for the move to Junior School through a programme of visits – teaching staff from the schools meet to ensure that this transition is managed successfully.  Senior staff from all these schools meet regularly and there are also meetings held amongst Eastbourne Headteachers from all phases of education.

Motcombe’s children have the opportunity to meet children from other schools on occasions such as music festivals and sports activities. We have strong links with the pre-school groups in the area.  Staff and children are encouraged to visit us and we, in turn, visit them. Motcombe School is also a part of the Local Partnership for Children where groups of schools work together to support families in our community.

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