Ensuring well-being at school is essential for children to thrive academically and emotionally. It involves creating a supportive and inclusive environment where they feel safe, valued, and able to reach their full potential.


At Motcombe we…

Foster a Sense of Community
We build a strong sense of community to create a supportive and inclusive environment. We encourage teamwork, collaboration, and open communication among children and adults. Our children are able to show kindness and express genuine happiness for others when they do well. Each week the children have Thrive Together Time where they can play, relax and express themselves freely.

Promote Physical Health and Wellness
We encourage healthy habits and lifestyles by promoting physical activity, proper nutrition and sufficient sleep. Our Motcombe Motivators lead daily exercises for the children to follow. Personal and team challenges promote a healthy sense of competition and help them to keep physically fit.

Emphasise Social-Emotional Learning
We integrate social-emotional learning into the curriculum to help children develop essential skills such as self-awareness, empathy, and relationship building. Our weekly PSHE lessons provide opportunities for children to practise mindfulness, emotional regulation, and conflict resolution. We encourage our children to take risks, have an open-mindset and build mental strength through resilience.

Encourage Positive Relationships
Positive relationships foster a sense of trust, allowing children to feel comfortable, seeking help when needed and expressing their thoughts and ideas freely. We get to know each child and show genuine interest in their lives, thoughts, and feelings. Our children make new friends, show empathy and, through our British values, are able to make safe and sensible choices.

Motcombe is a Thrive school and the approach is embedded throughout our curriculum which underpins all of our teaching and learning. It helps children to feel safe, supported and ready to learn. We help them to build positive relationships through one-to-one, small group and whole class sessions. In addition, we offer a six-week course for parents called Family Thrive. During this course parents work with the thrive practitioner to develop their understanding of child development.



Prioritise Safeguarding
At Motcombe we work hard to provide a safe and secure environment for our children with all staff sharing responsibilities for the children’s welfare. We have rigorous procedures in place to ensure that any adult working in the school has met all the safeguarding requirements. Strategies relating to child protection issues are addressed through activities such as ‘circle time’.

Parents and carers should be aware that the school will take any reasonable action to ensure the safety of its pupils. In cases where the school has reason to be concerned that a child may be the subject of ill treatment, neglect or other forms of abuse, staff have no alternative but to follow the Child Protection Procedures and inform the Children’s Services Department of their concerns. The Headteacher (Designated Safeguarding Lead – DSL) or members of the designated team has responsibility for co-ordinating action related to child protection and for liaison with other agencies.

Equal Opportunities
At Motcombe we believe that all children, regardless of first language, disability, race, gender, gender presentation, cultural or socio-economic background, should receive equal access to the full school curriculum.

Disability Statement
Motcombe is proud to be an inclusive school. We are able to offer access to the full curriculum for children who have a physical disability. We have easy access into the main part of both buildings and have accessible toilet facilities. As with any additional needs the school works closely with parents and appropriate outside agencies.