We hope you are all well and you enjoy doing the following activities together.


Activity 1

Tiny treasure hunt


Give your child a small container such as a yogurt pot. Go on an adventure walk together and discover how many tiny things you can collect that will fit in your container. If It is raining you might enjoy doing the indoor treasure hunt instead.


Activity 2

House challenges


Discuss with your child jobs they could do around the home that would be helpful and fun. For example:

  • Can they make their bed every day of the week?
  • Can they wash up the saucepans?
  • Can they help with the hoovering?


Activity 3

Being thankful


Take some time to talk with your child about people they they are thankful for and why.  It could be a grand parent who gives great hugs, a friend who makes them giggle or a shop assistant who is always smiling and helpful. They may then enjoy making a card or a picture to say thank you to one of the people they have spoken about.



If you would like to speak to someone about anything then please contact us:

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